1.  Flame Hawkfish  (Neocirrhitus armatus): In terms of personality, it’s very hard to beat these guys.  In fact, one of the reasons I use them as my site ‘mascot’ is because they seem almost eager to pose for the pictures I use.  I say ‘they’, by the way, because I actually have two in my tank and contrary to popular belief, they get along quite well.  Every once in awhile, they’ll even perch right next to each other on the same branch of coral but I’ll usually have to be in the midst of changing my camera batteries before this happens.  Remember though, this behavior may be attributed to the fact that I have a much larger than average home aquarium so they may not be as friendly in a 75g or so.  My guys are also completely non aggressive to their tankmates, preferring to just perch and watch all of the goings on as opposed to participating. Feeding is a snap as they will grab just about any meaty morsel that should drift their way but do NOT attempt to keep live shrimp with them or they’ll be considered food also.  I made this mistake several years ago when I forgot and added a half-dozen Peppermint shrimp to the tank to control Aiptasia.  I’m not even sure that any hit the bottom but I do recall the Hawks looking as if to say, “You, sir, are much too kind” as they sat there each with a dinner in their mouths that collectively cost more than a weeks worth of mine.

About the only other negative I’ve heard about these fish is that their tendency to perch can sometimes hurt the SPS corals the sit upon but I have never EVER seen this affect any piece I’ve ever had…and I’ve had some delicate pieces!  I’ve also had people tell me that they can be jumpers, particularly if the tank is crowded with skittish or aggressive species. But, heck, then I’d be too. So practice a little due dilligence first, and if your tank is suitable, you’ve gotta go get a least one of these guys. They’ll not only add a splash of color to the system, they’re also more entertaining than half of the stuff of television.  What more do you want?  At least, at THOSE prices.