Blas-001:  Blastomussa wellsi.  The lack of the ‘N’ in the designation of this piece states that it too survived the crash, although for the majority of the time, I had all but given it up for dead.  It came out with only one or two polyps left and even those were emaciated and washed out.  But because it showed a little

life, I moved it to the 40 for awhile and just left it alone.  During the big tank’s teardown period, I noticed that it seemed to be coming back so I thought it would be worth saving.  After nearly a year, it then got stung badly by one of the acans and I moved it back to the big tank where it continued to decline again. So, back to the 40.  It DID stabilize there once again but even in its new place, it was being crowded out and I thought I would have to get rid of it.  Then, a decent shaded space in the 500 opened up and I finally moved it there where it receives the moderate flow it seems to like.  Since then, it has grown several new polyps and, while it still will certainly not win any beauty contests, it finally seems to be on its way back