Cyph-N001 & N001a:  I’m not sure what the species name for this coral is but it goes by the street name of Meteor Shower Cyphastrea.  I’ve found this stuff is pretty easy to keep as it seems to handle everything from bright, direct lighting to nearly complete shade.  Bright light is best though; I have two colonies and the one placed in the open grows much faster. In fact, I’m stopping just short of calling this encrusting coral invasive once it gets going.  Mine has spread to several pieces of live rock, the aquarium floor, up one of the intakes, and over the plug of one of my acros.  Right now, it remains to be seen if it will continue up the acro stem and kill it.  If it does, I may have to meet out some kalkwasser punishment.  Otherwise, this is a visually pleasing, unusual coral that I would heartily recommend to beginning as well as advanced reefkeepers.  Nice color too, at least this variety, and as about as low maintenance as any coral you can find.

Cyph-002:  I don’t even know if this is a Cyphastrea at all but I recall seeing a similar piece on a vendors site a long time ago and it was classified there as Cyphastrea.  Therefore, I figure as long as I’m not on ‘Jeopardy’, that’s good enough for me.  This piece survived the crash so whatever it is, we know it’s hardy.  Then, it pretty much sat there dormant for well over a year before starting to encrust it’s rock.  It’s nowhere near as fast a grower as the Meteor Shower, which is a big positive in my opinion, but it does grow.  And because it’s a pretty bright green, it gets a fair amount of notice though, unfortunately, as an algae covered rock.