Mose-N001:  In the same vein as the Lobophyllia (N001) mentioned above, this too is a coral that will probably never be obtainable as a Limited Edition.  There will probably never be a Moseleya craze either, or even a really silly nickname.  In fact, the only reason I wanted to acquire one of these at all is because I’d never heard of them.  Therefore obviously, I’d never seen one either.  So in case you’ve also never had the pleasure, this is a Moseleya, in all of its glory.  I shall now pause a moment for the applause to die down.  Now, to be fair, I HAVE since seen examples of this coral with some actual color.  Nothing spectacular, just a little bit more golden, that’s all.  Are there some really bright reds, oranges and purple swirled Moseley’s down there somewhere?  Don’t know.  I really hope not though because then everyone would have one and my drab little fellow would simply be an ugly duckling.  Today however, it can’t be considered either ugly nor a duckling because it’s so uncommon in the hobby, nobody knows what the ideal is.  Maybe, it’s here.  I mean, heck, I like it.  So anyway, it seems to love life on the bottom of my display tank, in partial shade and moderate water flow.  It has never had any pest issues, gotten up and moved, or been caught playing around on my laptop.  Every day it just sits there, being cool.  At night though, it is a mass of short, waving feeder tentacles. And though I’ve yet to see any real sweepers, no one has really bothered it either so I imagine at some point, an agreement was reached.  Really looking at the piece, I almost shudder to think of the conditions.