Welcome Back!
First, let me begin by extending my apologies to everyone who patiently (and otherwise) waited so long for this update.  As you can see, rumors of my death or my quitting the hobby to return to Hollywood for the purposes of producing the new reality show “Beyond Fear Factor…Would YOU Do Rosie O’Donnell’s Laundry In A Room Without Air Conditioning?” (Working Title) has been grossly exaggerated.  While not pointing any fingers at, oh, say, my webguy or anything for the delay, let’s just say there have been few issues that needed working out in order to bring you a better, more manageable website.  Yeah, that’s it.  So we hope you’ll enjoy the changes that we’ve made and agree that, in hindsight at least, it has all been worth it.

Because of the sheer mass of these things, some of the changes we felt we had to make were purely organizational and while it probably won’t cut all the fat, it should certainly help redistribute it.  For instance, one of the things we’ve done is remove all the “Other….. I Have Known” subcategories from their present locations and form a general section under  “Misc.” called The Archives.  This section is further subdivided into the familiar “sps”, “lps”, etc. groupings and will also serve as the place to store all the previous updates.   So if a favorite piece of yours is suddenly missing from its usual section, check The Archives

Boy, I bet that year delay is starting to make more sense now, huh?

Anyway, another change was to get rid of the True Misc. section and move all the images into the Photography section.  This just seemed to make more sense and provide me with just one section to fall behind on instead of two.  To quote our new motto here at Moyesreef:  “efficiency…It’s What’s For Dinner.”

And finally, other change has to do with the length of these updates.  (I’ll pause here until you’ve finished laughing.  Done?  Good.)  See, while many of you have written in and told me you enjoy the thoroughness and detail I go into, just as many have said they wish I would ‘tighten up’ things a bit as it currently takes many sittings to get through it all.  Why, rumor even has it that several of you actually have other things to do than read my ramblings all day long so I shall try to respect that and just stick to the facts.  Of course, this may sound a funny…okay, stupid, coming at the head of what is my longest update ever but you have to remember, we’re dealing with a time frame of well over a year here, during which the tank has undergone quite a few changes.   So even a leaner, meaner update is gonna take some time this go ‘round.

On a positive note, we’ve done quite a bit of ‘clean up’, especially in the Growth Shots section and updated a lot of the images.   In fact, there are nearly two hundred new images scattered around the site...
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