State of the Tank: (cont.)
October 2005: (cont.)
Acro #60 A. suharsonoi. This was not so much of a space filler as it was a color filler. I have very little yellow on the right side of the tank. The fact that this is a deeper water species and could be mounted down low was a real plus though as was its unusual form. Now all it has to do is succeed. Also from Atlantis.

Acanthastrea lordhowensis #2: Yeah, I know. But c'mon look at it! What would you have done? Atlantis.
Acquired 10/05 from Atlantis. One of the more stunning pieces I've come across. It's placed down low but in direct light. Seems okay with it. Water flow is moderate'.

And those are October's new finds. Space, as usual,
is at a real premium so these frags will probably be about it unless more room opens up somehow. Once again, it is my goal to spend this winter simply observing and photographing the tank rather than fretting over it or adding and subtracting pieces. Also, it is way past time for me to pay attention to my fish population instead of just talking about it.

Before I go, I regret to inform you that there will not be an update for December. Well actually, I don't regret it at all because there is simply too much other stuff going on and there's no way I could produce anything even approaching intelligible

(insert own joke here) if I tried to write during the Holidays. There will be a November 'mini-update' however, immediately following this one.

Oh, and sometime early next year, my daughters entire first grade class is coming over to visit the tank as part of their study of Coral Reefs. Pretty cool, huh? It's the first time I've ever been a field trip.
Well, back to pulling stuff out of my dogs mouth now. See you in November...which is right down there.
November 2005:
You ever head to your tank first thing in the morning and, even before you get there, you just know that something's wrong? I'm not just talking about some vague 'feeling'. You KNOW something's wrong. There are palpable forces in the air already bracing you for it while suddenly there is more distance between you and that tank than between what's in your teenage daughter's diary and what you think is in your teenage daughters diary.

Well so have I. And, like in your case, I was right because what was happening was my huge Acro #19 was literally 'rtn-ing' before my eyes due (I think) to a flare up in the ongoing chemical war between it and Acro #12. As such, most of the right side of the tank was awash in mucous; the large section of #19 was gone already as was about a quarter of #12! Walkies was gonna be late today.
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