State of the Tank: (cont.)
November 2005: (cont.)
Some really good news this month is that my infestation of algae has finally begun to reverse itself. For instance, as of this writing (11/20) there is virtually NONE of the brown mat like stuff left while I still have a little way to go, the difference is still rather dramatic. Compare this shot taken just last month with the same area taken THIS month . All that's left is some Valona, which I'll hopefully take care of with a few small Emerald crabs, and that curious red stuff which is NOT cyano so I don't know yet how to eradicate it. But what makes me proud nonetheless is that all the improvement made so far was done without chemical additives! Now, I don't know if it was any of the newer equipment, or the ridiculously aggressive water change schedule, or simply my new pedal-to-the-metal tank maintenance that was the most responsible factor in this turn-around. But if it's like everything else in this hobby, it's probably a combination of the three. By the way, I am also proud to report that my nitrates are now testing in at zero too. I'm hoping the Korallin Biodenitrator can keep them there once I ease off this schedule a bit...especially with the water changes.

As stated previously, I'll be off for Dec. but I should have a good bit of news for you by the end of Jan. Not that I expect anymore major problems or foolishness but I am hoping to have a few more fish and a whole lot more pictures by then, so at least it should all be good news.

Oh, and Rufus is okay too. I watched him eat an entire stick today, which is why I opted for the deluxe doggie health insurance on him. Call me crazy but I have a feeling he could get expensive. Happy holidays.    
January 2006:
I guess we're talkin' flow NOW, huh guys?

Anyway, I was going to begin by wishing everyone a Happy New Year but then I figured by the time you read this, you'll already have an idea of what kind of year it's going to be regardless of what I say. So instead, I'll just wish you all a Happy New Day today and trust you to handle the rest of your year by yourselves.

For me, both the New Day and the New Year have been wonderful, at least tank-wise. In sticking to my promise, I have done virtually NOTHING in regards to adding new corals to the system. That's one of the reasons this update will have very few new pictures. Unfortunately, the other topic I've done nothing on yet is the updating of my Equipment, Maintenance and Husbandry sections. This is kind of important since pretty much everything has changed since the last time I went through it. I will therefore make a sincere effort to get this done before winter is over.

And yes, THIS winter.... Okay, maybe spring.
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