State of the Tank: (cont.)
January 2006: (cont.)
Again though, as far as the tank is concerned, I'm happy to report that it has remained very stable during the past few months. And while no new pieces went in, I did do some rearranging of what I had, simply to maximize growing room.

I also learned a little something about an existing coral this month; namely this one . For years I assumed this was a Montipora digitata, albeit a weird one because I'd never seen another one this particular color. I've had it several years (in fact, it grew spontaneously out of some live rock to the best of my recollection), and it certainly seems hardy enough, so I did think it a bit curious that no one else ever posted or talked about their own. After awhile, I just wrote it off to its 'undesirable' color and moved on. But then last month, I was giving it a real good look and it became rather obvious that this was not a Montipora. Its corralite structure was completely different for one thing. So I posted it on RC and discovered that what I had all these years was a Psammocora contigua. Apparently, they are the stony equivalent of crabgrass (which explains why nobody ever commented on theirs) but this one's mine and I'm keeping it. It's just nice to know you can still learn these kinds of things after all these years in the hobby. Irritating but nice.

As far as my algae problem of a few months ago is concerned, the brown mat-like stuff has not returned, nor has the green hair algae. My only guess as to why these would've popped up so suddenly was that some of the RO/DI canisters would 'give up' before my 125g mixing tank would be full. Obviously, this would result in some 'dirty' water getting in, even if we began filling the tank with a 0 tds reading. This problem has since been rectified with the installment of an inline TDS meter. I don't know what took me so long to add one of these but I can now instantly know if a canister has reached its limit and switch before any damage is done. We have also been performing LOTS of water changes.

This is not to say that ALL my algae problems are gone though. First of all, I still have quite a bit of THIS stuff . Actually, I'm not even sure this is an alga. It's certainly not cyano; it can't be blown or scrubbed off and it seems to handle very low phosphates pretty well. The only reason I'm not panicked is because it also seems perfectly harmless. It doesn't grow onto the corals. In fact, most of the acros encrust right over it! There is a Reef Central thread in the 'SPS' section that claims this stuff may have come in on 'clean-up crew' snails and/or those 'Bali' type reef plugs. I've introduced both to my tank within the past year so I can't even make a guess. But as long as it stays manageable, I'm not going to get myself worked up about it.
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