State of the Tank (cont.)
this time.  All in all, I think we’ve made it a little simpler to navigate despite its girth but, as always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts.  And so, in keeping with the interest of brevity [“Too Late”---Webguy], here from where we left off (!), is the:
State of the Tank Message
If I really wanted to make this quick, I could sum up the State Of The Tank during this past half year in two words: "Manic Depressive".  This may also sum up the state of the Tank Owner as well for it was during this period that I was both as high and as low as I’d ever been concerning the tank’s welfare.  A lot has happened so, in keeping with my new ‘cut to the chase’ policy, I’ve decided to review things on month by month basis.  Helps keep focus.
October 2003
This was one of the 'high' months. I did lose a couple of newer 'sps' specimens and was still a little bummed out over having to frag my huge Acro #19 but all in all, things were looking very good and, more importantly, very stable. I was putting a great deal of my attention towards boosting my fish population during this time and acquired a Crosshatch Triggerfish from The Marine Center. Other than this, the tank ran uneventfully throughout the month, a refreshing change from the trials and tribulations of last summer. In fact, I might even have taken the time to sit back and enjoy the thing once or twice but

as no pictures of this exist, I cannot be certain. It seems like a very long time ago…of course, then again, it was.
November 2003
Another ‘high’ month as I recall. The only real changes were the addition of a school of small Bartletts Anthias (see Fish section) Go! and the switching out of three 250W 10K metal halides for three 400W 20K radiums (see Lighting section) Go!
It was also during this month that one of the administrators for the online bulletin board, The Reef Tank, contacted me and asked if I might submit a few of my images for inclusion in a calendar they were designing. Not long after, I was notified by Reefs. org that my tank had been selected as a Featured Tank of the Month in their Advanced Aquarist online magazine! So needless to say, Nov. ’03 was a very good month as far as the old reefkeepin’ ego was concerned. Negatives? None! In fact, it was during this time that I probably felt better about the tank than I had in a year. Of course, I really can’t remember if I was foolish enough to have actually uttered those words aloud (Reefers Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Not Brag, Even To Thyself) but verily, I must’ve annoyed some salt water deity somehow because

December came in with a vengeance...
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