...not just for a few weeks or months but much, much longer.  I was becoming addicted.
Before long I bought another tank. And another. By 1983, I maintained a 125g FO showtank, a 60g 'aggressive', another 60g (deepwater) and a 20g species tank that contained an outrageously colored frogfish named Michigan. But as fascinating as this little menagerie was to behold, the work it took to properly maintain it would soon become overwhelming. Just changing the water, which had to be done in 5g buckets back then, literally took all weekend. Then there was walking it to the tank…five miles uphill in the snow, barefoot and……sorry…. Anyway, not surprisingly, my social life was zero. Even my landlord was having more fun than me and HE was married! I knew I had to do something. So I moved.

The guys at Tis were really helpful in taking back the fish and helping me donate all of my tanks. And when I bought my house, one of the first things I did was have them design, build and install a SINGLE but large(300g) showtank for my living room. It was tremendous and made my life a lot easier. They even put a 125g mixing tank in my utility room, so changing water became simply a matter of connecting and disconnecting hoses! Life became good again.

It was then when something happened that would forever change the course I was following in regards to the hobby. In early '86, George Smit wrote a series of articles in Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine about something he called the European Minireef System, in which he claimed a hobbies could keep a variety of invertebrates and even some real corals successfully in a home aquarium. Well, hell, I had a home aquarium! And I certainly enjoyed the few inverts (Feather Dusters, Anemones, Feather Dusters) I had been able to keep alive…for a while. So after some time and of course, more reading, I finally decided to give it a go. I never looked back.

Well just once, to finally buy a dog.
At this point, I only have one image of that tank on this website which is really a shame because for it's time, it was really an awesome display.  

By the time I tore it down in '95 (it had been up about 8 years) it was packed; a few LPS ("How come I could keep 'Elegance' alive back then?") but mainly leathers, including a HUGE three 'headed' Sarcophyton that had to be cut into pieces just to get it out of the tank. The reason I had to tear it down, by the way, was because I was moving back East...

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