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First, I'd like to thank my wife, Rose, without whose patience this website would've never gotten finished. Also my daughter, Memphis, who actually doesn't have any patience yet but is only a few years from knowing more about computers than I do so I've got to stay on her good side.

And speaking of computers, I'd like to thank Marc Jaffe of Marc Jaffe Studios, not only for designing this site but also for HIS patience in dealing with me, lo, these many months. Marc will now insert his own info, plus all the tech specs and jargon that should answer most of the questions you were gonna throw at me...

" I would like to thank Michael for allowing me to build this site dedicated to his reef tank.I have Attended Art Center College of Design in Pasedena Calf., owned a Photo Lab, Been a Professional Photographer, a web designer for Pepsi other assorted companies and worked on numerous projects. Visit Moyes Reef was Designed & built with Photoshop , Dreamweaver, an Apple Powerbook and Lots of Coffee." Marc...

An obvious thanks to Ray Bennett for his help and diligence in keeping things looking good.

Thanks to Marty Kendrick and the guys at Reef Systems, Costa Mesa, CA (714. 751. 3474) for the original tank installation and hardware.

Also, thanks to....
House of Fins—Greenwich, CT Reef & Fin—Stamford, CT
Turnpike Pets—Fairfield, CT Gregory Schiemer
Richard Durso Steve Tyree @
Dynamic Echomorphology
Inland Aquatics Indo-Pacific Sea Farms
Custom Aquatics Premium Aquatics
SpectraPure Reef Aquarium Guide
All the people and moderators of:
Reef Central Reefs.Org Aqualink Webforum
Reeflands The ReefTank
The many authors of reefing books whose advice, though sometimes contradictory, really do help.
Veron's "Corals Of The World". ("Invaluable reference")
Scott Michael ("Especially for his images.")
Reefkeeping Online Magazine
Advanced Aquarist Online Magazine
Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine
Marine Fish And Reef Annual Magazine
WFAN Radio ("For keeping me sane during long maintenance days")
Canon Cameras. You. God.
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