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"The biggest problem with this section, besides getting the subjects to hold still for a photo, is that most of my favorite fish aren't even in it. It's especially ironic that many of the very creatures that first enticed me into the hobby must now be excluded because of the direction I chose to go with it. But it WAS my choice; so to the butterflies, angels, and triggers I "cut my teeth on", it really is my hope to own a Fish Only tank again someday. Yeah, I've seen the photos of reeftanks with everything from Asfurs to Semilarvatus' in them and, yes, I've been tempted to experiment... actually I tried introducing a "tank raised reef safe Asfur"once who went for one of my acros almost out of the bag...but as one who believes Murphy was an optimist (and a reefer), I think I'll just stay with what I've got. Fortunately, that 'ain't too shabby'.

Now, I realize the 'Tang Police' of the reef boards may not be happy with this arrangement. But until there's a 'Tang Arrest' followed by the possibility of 'Tang Jail', I don't think I'll be sweating it much. I very closely monitor my fish, especially the Sohal. Yes, he's sometimes testy and, yes, lately he's been getting sometimes even testier , but I think he understands that once he crosses the line, I've got no problem pulling him out of there. So far, so fair.

Enjoy the pics.

The cast of characters is as follows:

9-Bartlett's Anthias (2"-3.5")
5-Olive Anthias (1")
6-Green Chromis (2"-3")
1-Sohal Tang (11")(Boss)
1-Chevron Tang (5")
1-Purple Tang (4")
1-Fine Lined Bristletooth (4")
1-Flame Hawk (2")
1-Austrailian Pseudochromis (3")
(The Underboss)
1-Muellers Copperband Butterfly (5")

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©2006 Michael G. Moye