Regal Angelfish

With surprisingly few casualties, I've managed to keep my little shoal of Anthias intact for about three years now. During that time most of them, especially the Bicolors, have doubled in size. I did add a few more Bartlett's in the summer of '01 but the 'old guard' harassed them literally to death in a matter of weeks. I owe my success with the rest to:

1. Choosing the hardier of the species in the first place.
2. Affording them the room to swim and yet giving them plenty of places to hide and feel safe.
3. Several (3) feedings a day of quality foods.
4. Giving them 'brethren and sisteren' (I'm convinced that keeping them in
schools is one of the most important keys in successfully maintaining [some] Anthias).

These guys also exhibit what I believe to be spawning behavior at fairly regular intervals. In fact, they seem to do it every time my camera is on the opposite side of the house! Therefore, I have no proof to show you but I've seen it (think underwater ballet) and it's absolutely fascinating. And finally, again I ask for your help in identification. This time it's my poor lone Unidentified Anthias. He actually came in a bag with the Bicolors and apparently thinks he IS one because he swims with them all the time. If he's listed in Scott Michael's "Reef Fishes", I'm missing it. Any thoughts out there? I'd appreciate it."
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