Regal Angelfish

"The following is a very small image gallery of fish that have either died, been killed, or that I had to return to the LFS for a variety of reasons. This gallery is not small because I'm such an awesome fishkeeper, by the way. It's small because I'm really lazy when it comes to photographing fish. Therefore, in addition to the quartet pictured here, I've also had the pleasure of making acquaintance with the following:

Swissguard Basslet:
Sixline Wrasse: Died due to an intestinal blockage. Had it three years.
Fivebar Wrasse: Vanished. I'm determined to successfully maintain one of these!
I.O. Sailfin Tang: Taken Back to LFS.
Asfur Angel: Removed due to nipping the Acros.
"Labouti" Wrasse: Jumped.
Flame Wrasse (earlier pair): Male jumped (Chased by Pseudochromis)...
Female vanished a short time later.
Bicolor Anthias: All died of old age.... Presumably
A. Squampinnis: Ditto... Presumbaly
Copperband Butterfly : Came in sick. Died 3 weeks later
Crosshatch Triggerfish : Jumped (Or was pushed). Landed in a bucket of bleach. Did'nt take it well.

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