Regal Angelfish

"Who needs TV when you have one of these guys? I've had mine now for over three years and despite the dour countenance he seems to have affected in his images, he has provided me with hours of fun and entertainment. Sometimes, when he perches and 'looks down his nose' at the other fishes swimming so aimlessly around him, he reminds me of a wise old man waiting to dispense some age-old advice. Then other times, like when he sits on the 'ebb' side of the wavemaker return nozzle only to inevitably be blown halfway across the tank when it kicks over, I think he's a total idiot. But then when I realized that he was having a ball, truly amusing himself doing something that seemed to require actual 'thought', I had to ask myself which one of us really is the wiser. After some reflection, I decided it was me."

Flame Hawk 1

Flame Hawk 1 and 2
Hawkfish 2 added 4/06
Smart jump back 1  
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