"UPDATE! This guy was added 9/02, not because I just HAD to have one, but to work. His job is to control the Aiptasia and I must say that so far he's been doing a great job. We had been using the old 'kalk paste through a syringe' method and it was doing an adequate job. But in a tank this big, with so many nooks and crrannies, it was just impossible to to get to the ones near the bottom and under the corals. I was a little bit hesitant to go the butterfly route since I heard that Copperbands soon die and Raccoons will often eat Zoanthids. Then Ray brought Hennies to my attention. I'd never heard of using them in this manner before but things were beginning to get desperate. So we put him in the refugium with a few Aiptasia for about a week and he seemed to do his job. Once in the tank, there was the inevitable 'battle' between him and the Sohal (And the Purple Tang, to my surprise) but after a day or two, everyone left him alone and he's been The Angel Of Aiptasia Death ever since. I'll keep everyone updated on his progress."

Heniochus 1

Heniochus 2
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