Regal Angelfish

"Say, what you will about the Sohal; THIS is the meanest sumbitch in the tank. By far. At least the Sohal hasn't caused any casualties to my knowledge. This guy has caused at least two and probably three very expensive fish to jump out of the tank to their deaths. And because he knows it like the back of his...well, y'know, I would've had to completely tear the tank down to catch him. Fortunately, he seems to have calmed down a bit now, preferring to spend most of his time alone hidden behind the rockwork (which accounts for why I have only one good image of him). I also have eggcrate covering the tank openings now just in case. Otherwise, maybe I'll see this fish once or twice a day for a few moments. It can actually be a pleasant surprise as long as I don't think about what an a****le he can be. I guess it's a good thing he's only 4" long though. Can you imagine if they grew as big as sharks?!"

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©2006 Michael G. Moye