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"Would you believe I put almost all of the mushrooms I have in my tank in there on purpose? I really did. I had this vision, you see, of cleverly covering my pre-corallined bare bottom tank with a field of gorgeous multi-colored mushrooms and such. After all, it was primarily going to be a "Softies" tank at that point. What would look better than a field of mushrooms stretching across the bottom as far as the eye could see?

Ever hear the phrase 'be careful what you wish for'? Perhaps that should've been the sub-title of this category because, guess what? I've now got mushrooms as far as the eye can see; on the bottom of the tank, in the middle of the tank, at the top of the tank, creeping up from the rockwork with seemingly only one mission in mind: Get the real corals!

This declaration of war, of course, has NOT gone unchallenged by yours truly however, as part of my weekly maintenance now includes 'kalk sniping' several of the little &*&@$^ (*&%s that are closest to harming my other stuff. I wouldn't mind them so much if they'd just stay in their place (pause for laughter) because they ARE beautiful creatures but in hindsight, I'd say their introduction was probably the biggest livestock error I've made with this tank (I don't count Aiptasia because I didn't introduce them on purpose).

I'm not even going to bother with the conditions necessary to maintain these animals other than to say: 1. Make saltwater, 2. Get 'Shroom, 3. Wait. In a few months, you too will be the Elmer Fudd of the Reef, on a futile and never-ending quest to "Bwast those wascally mushrooms" before they smother your more highly prized specimens."

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