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Currently I have only seven kinds of the so-called Large Polyped Stony corals in my reeftank. This may seem surprising given the tanks size, the fact that some of my favorite corals are of the 'LPS' variety, and that the tank actually started out as a 'LPS' display designed to feature perhaps my absolute favorite coral: Catalaphyllia jardinei (Elegance Coral). Unfortunately, Elegance is one of the corals I've chosen NOT to own at this point. This is due to the recent difficulty in maintaining them for any length of time. I've tried, and it pains me greatly to see them wither away and die as the majority of them seem to do.
As most of you know, there is much debate as to why this is happening. One school of thought says the cause is bacteriological and that quarantine and prophylactic treatment are necessary. Another school offers the possibility that we may be "stripping" the water too clean; that these animals need more nutrients that we provide them nowadays and are therefore starving to death. All I know is back in my "wet-dry" LA days, I maintained the single largest Elegance I've seen to date (Cost me $300.00 THEN). And I had it two years before the Northridge earthquake caused it to become buried in a rockwork slide, injuring it beyond "repair". But today, rather than participating in the reef-to-reeftank death march I hear about so frequently,

I'll just wait for as close to a definitive explanation as we get in this hobby then take the appropriate course of action. I'd sure love to have one again though.

Okay. Enough talk about what I don't have. I DO have some of my other favorites represented here; you can tell they're my favorites because I have several examples of each. As mentioned before, I originally planned this tank to house nothing but "LPS"…and maybe a few softies. But that was before the "SPS' bug hit. Now I have, in effect, two tanks. The upper half with it's higher light intensity and water movement is for the acros n' such while the lower half is for these guys.
We live in an age of specialization. So it should come as no surprise that I've been asked on several occasions if I'd ever upgrade my lighting and go exclusively "SPS". The answer is always a polite no. Like I said, I like the "LPS". Besides, were it not for the fact that my frogspawn's polyps sway back and forth with the water movement, many of my non-reefing guests would think that the only thing alive in the tank were the fish! Here, a tank full of acros and it's the "LPS" that get the attention.

Any negatives? Sweepers. But there have only been two instances when I had to actually remove a coral because of them. Since the last time everyone seems to be fairly content. Except me. I really want a nice, healthy Elegance!!!

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©2006 Michael G. Moye