Perhaps no single coral I’ve ever acquired has caused as much of a stir as this one.  And, as of this writing, I’ve only had it less than a week!  How rare is it?  Well, Steve Tyree is selling frags of it through his site and has a waiting list to 2010!

It came through my LFS, who again called me to tell me the piece came in.  I pretty much bought it out of the bag.  One thing that really surprised me is that it’s on an aquacultured plug!  This should mean that more will soon be coming in. Right now however, there is not a wealth of information about their care and feeding but from what I’ve managed to pick up, this species seems to like moderate flow and bright light.  Of course, I had no place quite like that available but this is one coral I actually spent half a day rearranging the tank to accommodate!  I’d like to thank the reefkeeppers who contacted me either through the boards or privately regarding its well being.  I shall keep everyone apprised.

Echinopora mammiformis

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