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Well, as I only have three softies in my tank right now, this ought to go by pretty quick. I used to have more…heck, I used to have a lot more as they're usually very undemanding, will quickly grow to tremendous size and, much like 'LPS' corals, their movement in the water column will usually signal "life!" to many of the keen eyed, non-reefer guests who view the tank. But quite frankly, I've been so intimidated by all the 'chemical warfare' warnings I've been reading about lately that I just don't want to take a chance by adding anymore.

Of course, some sticklers say that I shouldn't mix softies and stonies together at all. But I say what's the point of living without tempting the fates just a little bit, right? I mean, it's not like I'm base jumping or elevator surfing or watching UPN on purpose or anything. It's just that each one of these leathers is kind of special to me and since their showing no ill effects…well, two of them aren't but it's certainly not because of the stonies…I'm going to let them stay until it becomes obvious that I shouldn't.

I guess I've just invented a new facet to the hobby then : Extreme Reefing!

…Man, I have GOT to get a life".

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