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Sadly, this coral is much better recognized dead, it's bright blue skeleton draws tourists to tropical seaside curio stands like...well, you know to... well, you know. My Heliopora has been with me over four years now, longer than any acro, and may well have been the very first so-called sps in the tank. It has had a couple of very small bleaching events in the past but it always seems to overcome them it's own Not very high in the water column...
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...this piece doesn't grow very quickly; it's maybe a foot tall now, up from the 6-7" it was when I got it. It's put down a very large base though, encrusting three separate rocks below it in every direction. The only real maintenance I do with this one is to use a turkey baster to blow out it's little crevasses of settled debris every once in awhile. I included the overhead shot to show how much of a trap those crevasses can be.
Heliopora-Coerulea Overhead
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