Before I begin, I would like to thank the many THOUSANDS of you who have visited this site since it went live last October. I'd also like to thank the many hundreds of you who wrote back to say hi, ask questions, or offer ID's on some of my specimens (I have included some of those ID's in this update, by the way). It has truly been a pleasure hearing from you (from as far away as Israel, Columbia, and Denmark) and I look forward to hearing from more of you in the future. I do try to answer most of the emails and have done fairly well so far. But if I haven't gotten to yours yet, please have patience. As my wife will attest, I'm nowhere near as swift as I used to be. Eventually, I get there though. Now, to the updates:
State of the Tank Message
Everything's been really stable since last October in regards to my water parameters and wow, don't the corals know it! Growth-wise, they have really just exploded during the last couple months. So much so that things are beginning to look a tad (and that's a sarcastic tad) overgrown. So while there may not be too much of a difference between this update and the initial report, I think there'll be some MAJOR changes next time.
Now because this is my first update, the question of how to best format it had to be addressed. What I've decided to do is to simply follow the format of the website via it's headings and just link you up to the new stuff from here. If this doesn't make sense, it will... Watch.

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Refugium Go!
The refugium has had a tough time of it for the last couple months. This is because it's been pressed into emergency service as everything from a quarantine tank to a frag holding tank. First, my LFS calls and says they're holding these Ventralis Anthias a male and two female Ventralis Anthias. They are probably my favorite kind of Anthias and are notoriously difficult to get established. This trio was reportedly eating. So to make sure they had a chance of competing in my main tank, I decided to put them in my refugium for "a few days". (cont.)
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