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At this point there are approximately 35 colonies of the so-called Small Polyped Stony corals in my tank.They range in size from a 2" frag to a staghorn thicket almost 18" tall and a circumference of nearly two feet! I have some daughter colonies growing in proximity to their mothers and, in one case, a granddaughter colony whose ancestors simply outgrew the space allotted them.
Most of my colonies were obtained from the wild. So far though, (and knock virtual wood) I must say I've had pretty good success with them. In fact, several have been propagated and the frags sold back to the LFS from which I originally purchased the parent colony. Of course, I HAVE had a few slight "rtn" events in the past, but as I can be a merciless fragger when driven by panic, they were fortunately stopped before any major losses occurred.

Of the many things I am not however, one of the most important here is a Marine Biologist. Therefore I am not even going to begin to enter the fray when it comes to trying to identify species of the genus Acropora in my own or in anyone else's tank (I try to make it a point never to draw an opinion of something that scientists can't even agree on the pronunciation of).

So what I've decided to do is to simply assign each of my colonies a number. I was going to give them each names like Fred, Nene, or Lorraine but upon review, I concluded that was stupid. Anyway, when I am reasonably sure of an ID, I will include it in the image caption of that individual coral. Otherwise, I'll leave it up to you guys.

Please do not think I'm disinterested in this topic by the way. Quite the contrary actually. So if any of you have what you believe to be correct information as to the scientific name of any coral pictured here, let me know. I plan to update this site quite frequently.
Remember, the number sequencing applies to the Acropora genus only. Otherwise, simply click on a thumbnail for a larger (and sometimes multiple) view of a particular individual along with whatever info I may have on the specimen. Click on the image again for an even larger view.


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