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Water Treatment

Tank water is skimmed 24/7 by an MTC Power Pro IV which is driven by an Iwaki 70RLT.

As for new water, I happen to be serviced by a well and the TDS coming from my tap averages 211ppm. This water is treated by a 100gpd Spectapure 5-stage RO/DI unit, which effectively reduces the TDS to 0. I mix my new water in a 125 gallon vat made by Rotational Moulding in Gardenia, CA and keep it moving with a Little Giant pump. I also threw in an airstone. Calcium and Alkalinity parameters are brought up to tank levels with B-Ionic. Room temperature keeps it within a couple degrees of the tank. I try to keep additives to a minimum but will occasionally add a dose of Kent's magnesium, strontium, and iodine.

Water Parameters

Since no aspect of this hobby seems to be more hotly debated than this one, let me just say beforehand that these are the numbers that work for me. I am not recommending them.

S. G. : 1.023
Temp (F): 76.1-77 Degrees
pH: 8.15-8.29
CA: 450 ppm
Alk: 11.2 dKH
Nitrates: <2 ppm
Magnesium: 1200 ppm
Iodine: 0.8 ppm
Strontium: 10 mg/L

Calcium and Alkalinity levels maintained by an MTC Pro Calcium reactor charged with ARM media. This is used in conjunction with a DIY 44g Kalk dosing system.

Dispensing unit: Spectapure Litermeter.
Specific Gravity determined by a refractometer.
Test Kits by Salifert and LaMotte.
pH Meter: Pinpoint.
TDS Meter(s): Hanna & Oakton Con Ten.
Misc. testing equipment: Nikon Binocular
Microscope. Eyes
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