Okay, before we get going, I'd again like to thank the literally hundreds of people who took the time to email me either privately or through the site via my guestbook. During these last few months, I've had the pleasure of corresponding with fellow hobbyists from Israel, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, and even as far away as Berkeley, CA! Anyway, I would like you to know that I genuinely appreciate your letters and really try to answer each and every one of them. A favor though please: If you have a question about my set up or your set up or about anything you think I might be of some help with, please contact me through info@moyesreef.com rather than the guestbook. I've just found it a little easier if everything is put in one place

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Well, as promised, we have quite a bit of ground to cover this time so without further interruption, let us now get to it.
State of the Tank Message
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Let's just say things are in a bit of flux at this time. Actually, things have been in flux since about the time of my last update. You remember…. when things were stable. But truth be known, things weren't very stable back then. Not really. Even before the honor of being Reef Central's Tank of The Month, I found myself spending more and more time trying to fight my way through increasingly difficult bouts with Cyano, Majanoes, Mushrooms, and Aiptasia. One of the causes of the Cyano would come under the heading of, "Problems I'd Like To Have" in that some of my corals had simply grown so large, they were blocking the water flow around themselves and thereby creating the kind dead pockets in which Cyano thrives. There were also pockets along the very bottom of the rockwork, which, in a 36" deep tank is something akin to being permanent.
The majanoes have also been a nagging problem and, though not out of control yet, they are giving nor asking any quarter. My main weapon against them is a thick, almost toothpaste thick, dollop of kalk that'll sit upon them for days if they're in an area of mild current. Nothing else seems to work. Frustration increases however, when the little…uhm, fellows, wedge themselves into the tightest crevices where they can't be kalked. So far, the greatest damage in this manner is the necessitation of my having to totally frag down my beautiful Pocillopora because
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