Ech-N001:  Echinopora mammiformis, to be exact. And for those of you who remember my previous tank and website, you may recall that I had a piece of this coral back when hardly anyone had even heard of it.  It didn’t do much except stand there like a sentinel, it hardly grew at all, and its color ran the gamut from light brown to dark brown.  But, boy oh boy, did this thing have a potent sting!  It only had one sweeper but it was really long and whatever it touched was going to die almost immediately.  This piece is green, so already we’re a few steps ahead in the asthetically pleasing department.  But like its predecessor, it stands there like a sentinel and has hardly grown at all.  Predicting this, I have placed it in the dimmest section of the tank, in the extreme right corner, on the bottom.  The light is indirect but the flow is pretty decent.  It is doubtful that anyone would really notice it here, which is the intention if it doesn’t do anything, but if you take the time to really look at it, it is an interesting coral.  Its knobby structure actually seems to forecast its knobby personality and I believe it would garner much more attention if it could be placed within the vicinity of anything it wouldn’t annihilate during the night.  So why do I like it?  I dunno.  To satisfy my penchant for the weird and unusual, maybe.  Or maybe to have a piece just about no one else would buy.  But come to think of it, I didn’t buy it either.  My LFS gave it to me just to get it out of their tank; seems it was having a problem with a few of their other corals.